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Experience the thrill of Rogue’s immersive theatre deep in the woods as the crows come home, the sapphire stars begin to sing and the mists of the otherworld roll in.

Rogue Forest Nights is a sparkling, dark, blazing and stirring adventure into the mythical landscape of the night forest.

A fiery illumination of Rogue’s wilder imaginings, Rogue Forest Nights invites you to disappear beyond the dusk to discover a Celtic world of primal storytelling, forgotten magick, wild nature and fire. 

This is a wild immersive experience for everybody with a rogue soul and a wild imagination.  Not so much like going to the theatre as journeying into a magical world in the woods, Rogue Forest Nights weaves vivid imagery, theatre that takes place all around you, incredible live music, breath taking dance, immersive battles, supernatural visions, and  a collection of wild tales; a WI expedition in search of the Beast, an underground rave in the forbidden forest and a return to wild beauty, where Celtic fires blaze in the hearts of King Arthur’s Kingdom.

Poster image by Lu Cornish.


Following the fearless footsteps of Rogue’s “King Arthur”, “Firebird”, “Night Voyage” and “Wild Moon” Rogue Forest Nights is an immersive theatre adventure into the spell-casting shadows of Tehidy Woods North Cliffs, a conjuring of wilderness fairy tales, dark folklore and burning myths.

We live at a time when we need to transform, and nature’s heart beats louder than before, calling us to our own wild nature, like a howling wind dusting off the stars, asking us to remember, what we already know. 

Written by Ollie Oakenshield and Directed by Angelina Boscarelli (the artists behind all the magical worlds of Rogue) – Rogue Forest Nights is created to enrapture brave hearts and wilder imaginations.

Created by Cornwall’s award-winning Rogues; Rogue Forest offers a Forest Day and Forest Night double-bill (with different stories in the day and night), so you can choose to lose yourself in the green gold of wild tales by day, or the sparkling dark of wilder ones by night.  Indeed, you may choose both!!!  (We offer a double-bill discount if you do).

(Forest Nights is suitable for older/braver children, please message if you are not sure).

All are welcome, from near or far, one and all!

Rogue Forest Nights

Forest nights are wicked witted, wild wed and fire hearted, perfect for those who enjoy a little more howl and a bit more bite from their tales –

  • Mirror Mirror.  In a future world where nature is exiled and image is revered above all things, Mirror Mirror is a remix of Snow White for the modern world. When Snow White is abandoned to the wild, she is taken in by 7 rebels in hiding, where she discovers herself in the forest and their underground rave scene.
  • The WI and The Boy Who Cried Beast.  Based on the classic cautionary tale “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, The Boy Who Cried Beast takes us to Bodmin Moor where the Women’s Institute take matters into their own hands.
  • The Bewitching of King Arthur.  A re-write of Rogue’s much-loved King Arthur, The Bewitching of King Arthur is a deeper exploration into the magic stories of the legend’s women. In the roots that grew the round table, in the lands beyond the Holy Grail, in the stone that held the sword, in the fathoms of the lake, under fields of battle blood; there is an unearthed world of female magic, healing, truth baring, heart feeling, betrayal and love.

Rogue Forest Nights is an immersive journey through the woods leading to a show performed in two halves with an interval halfway.  The show at the heart of the woods is about 50 minutes for each half. 

The total event lasts about 2 ½ hours. 

Dress for your wild side (but don’t forget a coat)!

The experience

  • Arrive and park up 15 minutes before your start time. Directions below.
  • A Rogue faerie host will meet you at the box office at the edge of the woods 15 minutes before your adventure begins and will show you to the start of your path and invite you in.
  • Follow your path as it twists and turns through the wonderful wild, let the wilderness sharpen your senses as your imagination begins to stray, pass through doors and arches, over roots and under branches as you meet beasts, witches, beauties, supernatural beings, outlaws, wildlings and kings along the way.
  • The path delivers you to a clearing, a cavern of mighty trees, with roots that reach the otherworld, these pillars of the forest theatre wait excitedly. Here there is a bar and refreshment tent, here there is fire and a cauldron bubbling with vegetable stew, here there is music and a warm welcome, with hay bales for seating and even a lovely compost loo!
  • When we have all arrived, the show starts at the woodland heart. Magic bristles in the branches as the tale weaves through the night forest and onto the stage.  The show mixes spellbinding tales with enrapturing live music, spectacular dance and physical performance, fire, highly visual theatre and an exciting immersive atmosphere.
  • The show lasts about 1 hour and 50 minutes, with an interval halfway during which you are invited to relax a while and let your imagination run in the wild. The bar is open, and the stew will be served from the cauldron.
  • When it’s time to go, follow the lights home!

    Reasonably priced hot refreshments, cold drinks, beer, wine and cider (and Rogue’s famous Wild Woodland (vegan) Stew) will be available to buy.

    Toilets are situated near the performance area.

    For your woodland adventure we recommend you bring a blanket, a warm and waterproof coat, shoes for adventure (wellies if it has been raining) and a torch if you are coming for the evening performance.

    There will be hay bales to sit on (and a few chairs for those who need them).

    The event lasts about 2 ½ hours and takes place in the woodland so come prepared whatever the weather. (We will use our fabulous open sided, stretch canopy to cover the audience if it should rain)! 

    The path twists and turns and is bumpy under foot but should be fine for a rugged buggy!


    Book with confidence.

    This is an outdoor woodland gathering with plenty of space to relax and enjoy the magic of Rogue Otherworld’s wild theatre.

    In the very unlikely event that new restrictions should prevent Rogue Forest from going ahead, your tickets will be automatically transferrable to another Rogue Otherworld event in 2022 with no cost, or we can arrange a refund for your tickets minus the transaction fee of £0.50p per ticket.



    Box Office enquiry line, call Matt on – 07814558871

    Or email – [email protected]


     Rogue Forest Nights is the night offering of Rogue Otherworld’s Rogue Forest summer double-bill.

    Shows begin at 7:30pm on each of the show days.

    (Rogue Forest Days is the daylight offering with shows twice a day at 12:30pm and 3:30pm)


    Shows take place on the following days.

    August –

    16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 

    (No Show on 22)

    23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 

    (No Show on the 30)


    September –

    1, 2, and 3



    £12.50 Invest in Rogue Tickets.  Choose to pay a little bit more and invest in the creation of future magic!

    £9.50 General Tickets (all ages).  Ages 1, 2 and 3 years are free 

    £7.50 Affordability Discount Tickets are available.  Simply email [email protected] and request an affordability discount code for the number of tickets you wish to purchase, and we will send you a discount code to enter when you process your order.

    Double-Bill Discounts.  See your second show of the double-bill for £7.50.

    If you would like to experience both Rogue Forest Days and Forest Nights with a double-bill discount, simply buy tickets for your first choice of show and the discount for the second show will automatically be available when you enter your details to book.

    The discount reduces your tickets for the second show of the double-bill to £7.50 (and still applies if you received an affordability code for your first show).

    £7.50 Wild Card Tickets.  This is an opportunity to extend your generosity and buy a ticket as a gift for somebody who couldn’t otherwise take part.  When you buy a Wild Card Ticket you are paying it forward, enabling somebody who could not otherwise afford to come to take part, and, at the same time you are supporting Rogue to continue doing what we do best

    Each year hundreds of audience members take part with a Wild Card thanks to the generosity of other audience members.

    Wild Card is an opportunity for those who would like to invest in our wild immersive theatre to do so by passing on the magic, buying a ticket, a Wild Card for an unknown friend.

    If you would like to donate a Wild Card, you can do so by simply adding a £7.50 Wildcard to your order and we will allocate the ticket to an unknown friend.

    Wild Card Tickets are free to receive.

    If you would like to receive a Wild Card/s all you need to do is message Rogue Otherworld via Facebook or email – [email protected]


    Rogue Forest Days and Nights are accessible for most wheelchair users and rugged buggies.

    There is also vehicle access to the heart of the woods where the main part of the event takes place, for those who should need. 

    Whilst Rogue Forest is in the wild old wood, we are committed to overcoming obstacles and making our immersive events as accessible as possible.  Whilst adventurous, Rogue Forest has good accessibility, and we are very happy to discuss access options via text or call on 07837561483 or [email protected].



    Please arrive 15 minutes early to be greeted by the Box Office Faerie.

    You can arrive up to 30 minutes before your booking time (to keep vehicle numbers down in the car park).

    Please follow the instructions of Francis our parking assistant.

    Rogue Forest Days and Forest Nights will run on time like the planets that align.  15 minutes before your start time, please gather at the Box Office in your group.

    The Box Faerie will be waiting to greet you.


    Tehidy Woods North Cliffs is situated between Portreath and Gwithian on the B3301.  Rogue uses a separate parking area to the Tehidy North Cliffs Car Park; if approaching from the west (Gwithian) keep your eyes out for our entrance on the right, if coming from the east (Portreath) it will be on your left.

    THE BEST WAY TO FIND US (and rural or unusual locations in the future) Is to download and use the WHAT 3 WORDS AppFollow: roaming.sparkles.dined

    Click on our “Finding Us” page for more help with directions.

    If it should rain (which it won’t), don’t worry…we’ve got you covered with our beautiful, open sided stretch canvas canopy!