The Dead of Night Dis-Dance is an immersive theatre adventure celebrating Halloween; a wickedly joyful treat for all ages in the sparkling dark heart of Tehidy Woods.
With all new dead good stories to tickle your ribs, thrill your spirits and chill your bones!
Spirits of all ages welcome (family and fiend friendly).

The Dead of Night Dis-Dance is a wild and wonderful Halloween celebration with theatre, laughter, music, stories, thrills, frights, delights and dancing.

Wander the winding woodland path and through Mr Logan’s gate into the land of the rapturously dead, where lost souls await, to show you the way, and mislead you to the Dead of Night Dis-Dance.
Rest in the peace of the underworld forest and chill, as a collection of comic, ghoulish and ghostly stories come to life on Mrs Logan’s underworld stage!
And then…at the end…after the final curtain; raise your spirits with a party, hit the dancefloor, shake your bones, at the Dead of Night Social Dis-Dance Disco!


This event has been designed with safety in mind for these unusual times and invites you to wind your way through the woods in the safety of your own ghostly anti-social bubble.
Experience Dead of Night Dance more exclusively than ever before, more VIP, more RIP more space for ghouls on the dance floor.

Dead of Night Dis-Dance weaves a wild spell of imagination, magic and Halloween humour, stirring in live music, storytelling, dance and a twist of bewitching spectacle.

The adventure follows a path through the woods into the land of the dead and ends in our wonderful open sided stretch canvas tent, inviting only an exclusive number of you, and room for a ghost or two with plenty of room to stay safe.
So, dress for the weather of this world and the chills of the underworld.

The Dead of Night Dis-Dance is designed for brave adventurers of all ages.
The atmosphere is playful, comic and spooky…and you will be in the woods at Halloween after all!

“Halloween is my favourite time of year. When the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, thin enough to let a few ghouls ghost on out, thin enough to let a few of the living waltz on in, and each year The Dead of Night Dance just gets more wickedly brilliant. See you at the gates to the land of the dead for one of the best nights of your life!”
Mr Logan – Your friendly local undertaker.

Ghosts, ghouls, vampires, witches, beasts and possessed souls all welcome.
Fancy dress, fangs and pumpkins are encouraged (all ages).
Masks of all kinds are welcome!

All are welcome, from this world and the other!

Please arrive 15 minutes early to be greeted by The Box Office Witch.
You can arrive up to 30 minutes before your booking time (to keep vehicle numbers down in the car park) but please stay in your vehicles until 10 minutes before your booking time.
Dead of Night Dis-Dance will run on time like the stars of fate that align. 10 minutes before your start time please gather at the Box Office in your Bubbles.
The Box Office Witch will ring a bell to beckon you!

Finding us
Tehidy Woods North Cliffs is situated between Portreath and Gwithian on the B3301. Rogue uses a separate parking area to the Tehidy North Cliffs Car Park; if approaching from the west (Gwithian) keep your eyes out for our entrance on the right, if coming from the east (Portreath) it will be on your left.



Muddy Stiletto Award Winners for Best Theatre Venue 2019
***** “Immersive theatre at its best” – West Briton on King Arthur
WOCA Award Winners:
Best Theatrical Show 2017
Best Theatre Show 2016
Best Theatre Company 2016
Best Theatre Event 2015

Box Office Hotline: 07376667577

You can also email us!